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Ph.D. candidate Zhong made a successful marine survey to the Philippine Sea


On 28th December, 2015, the research vessel Science entered Xiamen port, which draw a full stop for the 34-day marine survey to the Philippine Sea. This cruise was conducted by Institute of Oceanology, CAS. Up to now, Science is the most advanced research vessel in China, which is equipped with various scientific apparatus. It has already been sailing over 50 thousand sea miles and had accomplished multiple scientific surveys that focused on the genesis of South China Sea and the investigation on ecosystem and climate in west Pacific area. During the latest voyage, the staff aboard successfully finished the geophysical surveyand ecological sampling along the cross-section of Philippine Sea that over 2,000 kilometers wide. Notably, one of the Ph.D. candidates of Prof. Li-Hui Chen, Yuan Zhong, alsoparticipated in this voyage.

Group Photo of the Staff Aboard in Vessel Science ( Yuan Zhong is in the back row, third by the left)