RMG's field trip to Fangshan&Chishan, Nanjing

On11st March, several members of Rockingmantle Group visited Fangshan hill,Jiangning District, and Chishan hill, Jurong County, around Nanjing city. This tripwas led by Prof. Li-Hui Chen and comprised of graduate student Xiao-QiuXue, freshmen Liu Yang and Hao-Yu Liu.

The locations of the Fangshan(left) and Chishan(right) hills

Notably, Fangshan and Chishan hills are both Cenozoic monogenetic volcanoes which experiencedtwo-stage eruption.

Prof. Chen was introducing the volcanic structures

Onthe one hand, the Fangshan hill is now part of the Tangshan National GeologicalPark after years of researches by former scientists.

The volcanic section in Chishan hill

Onthe other hand, the Chishan hill, in Chinese means “the red hill”, is famousfor its underlying strata, which belongs to the typical Cretaceous red bed. Meanwhile,the columnar joint is emerged at the top of the hill.