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Jian-Qiang Liu successfully passed PhD thesis defense


In the afternoon of 22nd May, 2017, Ph.D.Candidate Jian-Qiang Liu defended his doctoral dissertation in Room A205,Zhugongshan Building, NJU. The thesis defense committee members were Prof.Xi-Sheng Xu, Xiao-Lei Wang, Xiao-Zhi Yang from NJU, Prof. Qun-Ke Xia from ZJUand Researcher Yan-Jie Tang from INSTITUTE OF GEOLOGY AND GEOPHYSICS,CAS with Prof. Xu as the chairman and A. P. Gang Zeng as thesecretary. Liu’s Ph.D. supervisor, Prof. Li-Hui Chen attended this defense together with all members of Rockingmantle Group. Based on his doctoral thesis"Genesis of Cenozoic potassic basalts and high-Mg# andesites fromNortheast China", Liu answered the questions raised by the committee quite well. After the discussion among the thesis defense committee, the doctorate was unanimously conferred on Liu.