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RMG’s Field Trip to East Heilongjiang Province


During 3rd to 13th August,2017, RMG members, Prof. Li-Hui Chen, Dr. Jian-Qiang Liu (lecturer of Hohai University, who just got his PhD from Nanjing University), graduate student Xiao-Qiu Xue and Zhu-LiangLei took a field trip to east Heilongjiang Province.

The main tasks of this trip consisted of the investigation and sampling work of the Cenozoic basalts which located in the east of Songliao Basin, Heilongjiang Province. To better understand Cenozoic volcanism in this area, RMG tries to set up the spatio-temporal links of these Cenozoic basalts in the east Heilongjiang Province.

The trip is fulling and interesting with traveling over 2,600 kilometers in 10 days and ~20 samples of basalts and xenoliths. Meanwhile, they were lucky to visit the Songhua River the Mudan River, and the Jingpo Lake National Geological Park.

Fig.1 Joint basalts near Mudanjiang City

Fig.2 Geological section of a volcano

Fig.3 Group photo in the downtown of Harbin City

(Fromleft to right, Zhu-Liang Lei, Jian-Qiang Liu, Li-Hui Chen and Xiao-Qiu Xue)